Tonight I walked to the beach. I was logy from my long nap, and trying to shake off images of the house that wasn’t mine. (See prior post.) It was evening already, rather windy with clouds, chilly.  I wore my favorite, lemon-colored wind breaker, possibly for the last time since our beachlife heat and humidity is starting to make its annual debut.  But for tonight it was refreshingly cool and just what I needed to snap out of the lethargy.  I was half-heartedly thinking about an iPhone photography challenge issued by the iPhoneography blogger:  Take a picture of what Easter means to you, and use one or more of iPhone’s photo apps to create something unique.

Void of ideas as usual, that didn’t stop me from snapping images that appealed to me.  I walked across the boardwalk at 20th Street, to “my” beach and then I saw it:  two old, dead, brown Christmas trees.

Had someone just cast them out to dune’s edge? (Such litterers, in this neighborhood – surely not!) They were not there on Friday.  Could they have ridden in on the tide and been left behind? (From where?).  So, ladies and gentlemen, I give you my Easter image:

Twin Pines on Easter Sunday

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