Exploring New Beaches

Last weekend we visited the beaches on Little Talbot Island and Big Talbot Island, Florida. We took the charmingly down home ferry from Mayport, across the St. John’s River and then drove a few miles north to Little Talbot Island.  It was a beautiful day if a little chilly  (not complaining) and it was fun to explore a beachscape different from our own.  And the temperature didn’t matter to the kids who were completely invigorated by seeing a new beach.  It’s true that they’re getting bored with our own neighborhood beach, lovely as it is.  (Kids these days.)

When we got there it seemed as though we were truly someplace else.  

The beaches of Little Talbot Island are sandy white.  So lovely and wild.  I felt like we were on vacation, not merely a few miles from home.  
necessitated this…
…before getting back into the car for a short drive north to Big Talbot Island.  We only explored one small area; there’s much more to see and do.  But we headed for the ‘trees beach’, as iPhone and I wanted to take some pictures of a different sort of coastline.
The approach to the beach was so lovely, with all sorts of trees whose species I do not know.  Water oaks, perhaps, or live oaks, or some combo of the two.  But I loved that they were large and glorious, with grand limbs and oh, so picturesque.
That’s the family, standing yonder on the bench.
The view from there to the beach below…
…was so enticing that I just had to brave the climb down an awkward sand path just wearing flip flops and clutching iPhone (and a soda), but it was worth it.  
The kids ran and climbed these terrific, downed trees, while a few other people on the beach were surf fishing.  It was quiet, about six o’clock on a Sunday evening.  
They could have frolicked for much longer than we were able to stay. My daughter loves to climb a tree and rarely do we encounter a good climber.  So she was enchanted. Never mind that the trees were horizontal.    iPhone and I were struck by the photographic possibilities, especially because these trees were prone. 



iPhone wanted to try out some of her apps on the following pictures:
The top picture is the original photo. The next image was shown in the Camera Bag app with the Lolo filter.  The last picture uses the Helga filter from Camera Bag app.
This trio starts with the original image on the top. The second picture uses the Camera Bag app with the Helga filter. Finally, the last tree photo is shown using Camera Bag’s Lolo filter.
The next two photos show the original image first, with Lolo filter from Camera Bag app, second.


And finally, these last few photos were taken with no enhancements at all!  
It was a fun way to explore the beauty of atlantic beachlife.
Little Talbot Island and Big Talbot Island, brought to you by your host, Atlantic Beachlifer and her trusty sidekick, iPhone.


  1. Bev says:

    Jeannie, these photos are beautiful. I need to find out where this beach is and make a trip there.


  2. Mickey Johnson says:

    …thanks so much for sharing these pic’s of the beach. i haven’t been in a while so your pictures will have to do until i can go. the tree is incredible and i loved the approach to the beach. looks like a fun place and you made the most of it! xo, mickey

  3. Carolyne says:

    Gorgeous Beach! Thanks for sharing your find with us! Fabulous fabulous photos!

  4. Angus says:

    The tree beach is amazing!

    I think iphone needs a name, like Sally or Bertha or something.

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