The First of March

brings beachlife breeze
billowing clouds
breeze in the neighborhood means wind on the beach
Me and iPhone are taking a little walk to the beach to see what we can photograph.  February ended its run at 83 degrees and March mustered its might and arrived in a flurry of 51 cold ones.

The gulls were poised westward, hundreds of them, all in agreement that there was something worth waiting for.

This house is adjacent to the public walkway to the beach.  It’s an enormous, contemporary, stucco creation.  I looked up and was lured by the end-of-the-day light striking the palm fronds, the blue sky and the architectural elements from the viewfinder of my eyes.  

iPhone camera picture stats:  Beach picture taken with iPhone camera and enhanced with my newest app,Picoli.  I used the ‘Color Balance’ filter over the image as shot.  In the second picture I used the ‘Saturation’ setting.  
In this picture I used the filter called ‘Sunburn’.  Again with the seagulls, still waiting for the magic in the west.  

It felt much colder than the 51 degrees it was.  It was sunset and very few people were walking about despite the gorgeousness of the waning afternoon light.

Truthfully, I was freezing my bum off and rushed back to my warm home where the scent of the yummy dinner my husband had made awaited me.

The end.


  1. Just Moos says:

    Hello! Is your temperature in Fahrenheit?

    Wish I could go to the beach today!

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