But What About My Book?

See, I love to read. It’s my passion and my joy.  And the internet is interfering with it.  I will sit and cruise from blog to blog and pretty soon a couple of hours have passed.  Sure, I find some pretty talented writers and highly entertaining sites out there…but I hunger for literature still.

And my house is a mess.  Everyone says that, I know, but in my case it’s true.  
Yeah.  Told ya.

So anyway, I’ve developed this great ability to walk back and forth past this mess all day long, and the next day, and the next, and pretty soon I don’t notice the full, blatant, horrible mess that it is.  We recently got new carpet and had to haul the contents of one room to this one.  In the process, we are combing through the stuff to see what to save, what to store and what to give away.  And that takes time…I get caught up in memories and emotions and…let’s just say it’s been a protracted affair. 

Life’s immediate tasks take precedence so it’ll be Friday before I get round to addressing this situation which is frankly overwhelming me.

In the meantime, the library wrote to tell me that my book was waiting so I dashed over yesterday to

 pick it up, as though I’d actually be able to nestle in my comfy chair (or better yet, out on the beach) and lose myself for hours in its pages.  As if.  How can I relax amidst that mess?  But the larger issue is, really, detaching from the internet long enough to relax in my own home in order to do the thing that I love: read.

So, I have been reading in my car.  Yes.  In the car.  I even have a favorite reading spot that I drive to, park, cut the engine (0r, if it’s hot, leave the car and the a/c going and don’t even think of lecturing me about that) and…bliss.  I. Read.  I’ll even stay there for an hour or two, just reading.

Atlantic Beachlife reading at its finest.  No distractions.  No laptop (though the iPhone is in my purse), no messy house.  Just me and my book.  The most relaxing time of the day.  It might seem a little weird, but if you see a girl in a minivan (whatever, it’s paid for) parked at the Fourth Street Beach Access, do her a favor and just keep walking.


  1. Sink says:

    I understand completely! I keep a book with me in the car for free moments waiting for kids to get out of practice, school, or some other activities. It’s all about priorities!

  2. Just Moos says:

    Great you found some time to read! I love to read as well. Yesterday I bought some new books and one of them I already finished this morning. If a story really gets to me it is hard for me to put the book down, haha. Have a nice day!

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