The Fun and Games Continue…

Another shot with the iPhone, using two applications.  First, I took a picture of my eye using Quad Camera to generate the four-square effect.  Then I opened it in Photogene and played with the color effects.

Yes, the iPhone is the best toy I’ve ever had. 

I still want a real camera, with lenses and so forth, but who among us can argue that this little gadget really isn’t all that?


  1. The Kramer Angle says:

    I have got to get an iphone! Fun stuff! Thanks for the great comment you left on my blog. I love meeting new people and it’s always the highlight of my day when I get a new follower! Thank you!

    I hope you’re having a lovely Valentine’s Day!

  2. Knitted_in_the_Womb says:

    I saw your comment over at "The Wind in your…" and I completely agree with you about 5th graders & cell phones. And good lord, I hope we aren't in the minority on that, but I know several of my older daughter's friends have them–including one 4th grader. Sigh.

  3. Moos says:

    Hi Jeannie,
    I am a follower again! Thanks for asking.

    The camera I bought is the Canon 40D. I always had Canon. I like it a lot. The 40 D serie is a camera in between amateur and professional. There is already the 50D but just out. So that means it cost a lot more. And you better can invest in great lenses. I bought now the EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM lens. Now I save money for the next one with a range of 70-200. Of course a macro one would be nice also. But must have wishes.

    Almost 10 pm here. I am getting tired. Wish you a nice weekend! And please, put some pictures of the surroundings on your blog. Would love to see some sun (here it is winter, around 4 degrees and it rains…brrrrr). Make my day!


  4. Linkin Parker says:

    Why don’t you take one of me

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