More iPhone Camera Fun

More Fun with iPhone Camera & Apps

Camera Bag App using the ‘Cinema’ Setting:

My Dad
Photogene App:
Skip (a friend’s dog), puzzled.
pizza dinner for the rest of us.

a work in progress 
Camera Bag and Photogene are two photography applications that make the iPhone camera photos a whole lot of fun. These are just a few of the effects each app can do. At $2.99 each, these are affordable applications if you enjoy manipulating or publishing your photos.  The iPhone’s camera takes decent pictures if you have good light, for a basic point and shoot cell phone camera.  The apps take it all to the next level.  Big fun!


  1. Moos says:

    Read your blog for a while and decided to start one myself. Hope you like to join mine as well.

    by the way…what a cute dog of your friend!

  2. CQA says:

    Great job with the photos! And I like the layout as well.

  3. Texas Trucker says:

    Hello! New follower here! From what I’ve seen your blogs look fun! I especially like the first pic.

  4. Anonymous says:


    I love the photo of your Dad. It is beautiful. Scary to think what you could do with a camera that isn’t half-phone. By the by, 33• is NOT cold. 6• is cold.


  5. Fee says:

    it’s a wonderful shade of brown 🙂

  6. Linkin Parker says:

    Lily is a good cook!!

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