iPhone Pictures Not Half Bad

The little iPhone’s camera is quite a serviceable device.  My Canon Elph, ironically, broke practically the day I welcomed iPhone to my life.  Well, it works, but who wants to look through the tiny viewfinder when you really use the large LCD screen for all your “major” photography work? (Can one actually call her point & shoot digital pictures ‘work’ with a straight face?)  So the LCD screen is displaying the ‘shattered glass’ image, rendering the camera worthless to me now. Goodbye macro images, no more videos, nothing, really.  I enjoyed playing with it for two and half years (shouldn’t it have lasted longer than that?) but secretly, I’ve been longing for better equipment.  In the meantime I’m perfectly pleased to use the iPhone’s camera as the everyday-in-my-purse-camera and hope for a digital SLR for my birthday (if it be God’s will that I should get one ;-).

The iPhone’s applications are so useful and amusing.  I just put Camera Bag on it which will display your photos  in all kinds of fun ways.  I’ll post some Camera Bag effects images over the weekend.

I’d like to ask my vast readership (Rosie, this means you!  Oh and you too Mary, if you’re here! Anyone: leave your thoughts and opinions!) for any and all opinions on digital SLRs.  My birthday isn’t until May so I’ve got time to research and plan (and earn some money, ahem).  I really don’t know much about them beyond the Canon and Nikon name brands.  My original film SLR is a Canon A-E 1 and I still have it (it’s in pristine condition and looks so vintage to me now).  

(…Er, wait a minute, I just did the math.  That Canon looks vintage because it is vintage.)

Longing for a real camera but grateful for my iPhone.


  1. Marny in Maryland says:

    Jeannie —
    I’m strictly point and shoot, but I believe that you can use sometimes use the extra lenses (zoom, etc) from a film camera on a digital SLR camera. So, if you have lenses for your film Cannon, it might make sense to see if they would be compatible with a digital Rebel or other Cannon digital SLR; you might be able to save a little money that way.

  2. Fee says:

    canon all the way..I use all my film lenses with my new digi slr love it. I have the 20D…which I highly recommend..a bit cheaper and still freaking awesome- the digi rebel Loved mine to death!

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