Beachlife Today

After the “bone chilling” cold of last week the temperatures are back in the temperate 60s.  Still, some beachlifers have higher aspirations:
When we first moved to Atlantic Beach and were being shown around by our Realtor we giggled at seeing the people out and about wearing hats and mittens when temps were in the mid 50s.  He, being from Ohio and therefore someone who understands winters, said of them, a bit mockingly, “They think it’s winter here.”  Oh how we laughed, exhilarated by the idea of moving here, where the prospect of winter temps in the 50s, 60s, and even 70s was thrilling. Since living here and indeed loving it, we do know that the cold can come but it never lasts very long.  We actually like a bit of a freeze as it kills off the insects that can become real pests come warm weather.  It’s like a natural cleansing.  I’m sorry to say that we have become them, though.  You can find me shivering with my parka and mittens on even if I just drive through Starbucks. Pathetic.  I know.
Today there was a swell and several surfers were wet suiting up to catch some waves.  It was misty and it felt chillier than its 67 degrees, but was a pretty afternoon on the beach.

Playing with the iPhone app Camera Bag:
The second image is a copy of the first, using the Helga format, taken on Atlantic Beach this afternoon.  

The last two shots are identical; the last of the two is using Camera Bag’s Helga setting. Camera Bag is a fun and inexpensive app with about a dozen settings to play with. 

Do you like ‘Helga’s’ images?  How fun is this, for a camera phone?!


  1. Rosie says:

    Your pictures look great-I can’t believe they are from a phone! I am going to check out the Helga actions. I don’t know anything about how to use them. I just know that I want to but don’t seem to have enough time. I don’t really do any editing.

    My SLR is a canon Rebel xti–I have loved it but haven’t been able to really learn the ins and outs. I so want to. I really want to be fluent in aperature-exposure etc.

    I know that costco has some great prices on the new canon and also a new Nikon D90. I am certain that they are both fabulous.

    If you are really into learning the ins and outs of the camera I would say go for it. If you just want to take really good photos from a simple camera I would suggest a point and shoot with a 10X or bigger optical zoom. Kodak has one that I have used and LOVED. I actually wore it out. I know that the other company’s have them as well. They really are great cameras–much better than the really little point and shoots that are available–they are a bit bigger with the larger lens.

  2. Linkin Parker says:

    I wish I had an iPhone… (Sigh.)

  3. ed says:


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