Making Room for More…

Soon I’ll be welcoming six more latte bowls from Mesa, Arizona.  I’m the proud winner of the Anthropologie latte bowls from the Blissfest Auction for the Nie Recovery Fund.  I’m so excited.  I first bid on them a few days ago thinking I’d give them a bump in price.  Today was the last day of the auction, and as the day progressed I found that someone else wanted them as much as I did…and I’d become attached to the idea of those bowls coming home to me.  I know it’s silly, getting emotionally attached to some bowls of all things, but it’s really Stephanie and her family that’s at the root of my attachment.  

Of course I’d read her post about her love for latte bowls and being a latte bowl lover myself, I was attracted to them.  I’ve had my own latte bowls since 1995 and actually did drink latte out of them (though now they’re used for soups, cereals and ice cream when I snapped them up at a coffee shop in Toronto.  I’ve loved them ever since and let me tell you, they are sturdy little bowls!  I was a childless girl longing for her children when these bowls came into my life.  Now my family is complete and bowls are used every day, much like Steph used hers.  I have no doubt that Steph will one day make that ceramic piece she’d envisioned from her own broken latte pieces.  Perhaps it will make a wonderful occupational therapy project for her when that time is right.  Who knows!?  With all the wonderful things that are happening for the Nielsons because of the people who know them in real life and people who’ve come to know them online, I feel privileged to be part of it all.  It sounds mawkish, I know, but having those latte bowls in my home will remind me to celebrate the everyday, as she did.

I hope that one day soon she will realize the magnitude of her impact on the people who now know her, and that it will somehow buoy her spirits for her long recovery ahead.