Parting Ways with Publix

Dear Publix,

I’ve left you, just like I promised I’d would, if you didn’t attend to my issue.  I thought things might change after our last…conversation.  But they didn’t, and surprisingly, I don’t miss you!  I actually don’t even mind grocery shopping as much as I used to, probably because I’m not spending as much anymore.  It’s true.  Your prices are too high, and you have proven to me that you don’t deserve my business.  I told you three times exactly how much I spent on groceries in 2007.  (I know this appalling fact because of the credit card’s annual breakdown of expenditures.)  I told you that I’d take that $12k across the street and over the bridge, and now, Publix, I’ve done just that.

And it’s been several weeks, too.

The spending on groceries is down.  And we’ve got all kinds of good things to eat here.

So I’ll come in for the Boar’s Head meats occasionally.  And the the other butcher meats, occasionally.  But Terry’s Country Store is getting most of that business.  And I plan to clean up on the buy one/get one items.  I was in about a week ago and I stuck to the plan.  It wasn’t hard at all!  

I’m telling ya, Publix.  You blew it.


Your former loyal customer in Atlantic Beach who is now Friends with Food Lion, Getting Winned Over by Winn-Dixie, and as always, Tickled by Target’s prices on foodstuffs.

See ya.