Craft-Impaired Gardening Girl Rescued by Daughter…
Spooky Ghost Lives on the Front Porch Chair.

While I am most certainly craft-impaired, I’ve been known to get overly excited about my abilities and wind up with a bagful of craft supplies and no idea about how to execute anything out of such various items as craft paints in Halloween colors (including funky glitter paints), cheesecloth and googly eyes, white paper plates and yes, some Murano-glass-like pumpkins, cool and edgy and ready for display.  My type of craft (the non craft) and frankly, what were these lovely glass pumpkins doing at JoAnn Fabrics in the first place?  No matter.  I bought the rest of them.  

Which left me with that bag full  of crafts…and no inspiration.  I do love craft paints, but what?  I paint terra cotta pots, but how many of those can one home use? 

Inspired by the cute ghost featured on the cheesecloth package, Jeannie tried to make one all by herself when the kids were at school.  My daughter, Lily, upon viewing the outcome says bluntly, “it didn’t turn out.”  And of course she was right.  It didn’t.  It looked stupid.  It missed the mark.  It could have been cute, should have been cute, but was not cute.  

I lose patience and interest very quickly and move on to things I really love doing.  I am a gardener.  I’m a photographer.  I read.  I go to the beach.  So tonight, I’m gardening.  It’s a lovely Fall evening, warm and mild, and I’m peacefully pulling weeds, sweeping the curb, transplanting some things, taking pictures. Being with the cats.

So Lily trotted out to hang with me and watched me messing around with the silly ghost I’d made, trying somehow to make it look right.  She patiently helped me fumble from one manipulation to the next when she finally suggested, “you take the head stuffing out and just drape it over the chair…” so we did.

And voila!  We had a ghost that looked right!  Lily rocks the house.

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