Bad Mother on Mother’s Day…

It’s Mother’s Day and I’m feeling crabby.
I want to go outside and play.  Or go somewhere and read.  Instead, we have a kindergarten science project due tomorrow (I mean really.  A kindergarten science project?  Thanks, teach.)  My middle school son has a baking project, due tomorrow.  A baking project. I’m not one who is naturally inclined toward the kitchen, unless you want to talk kitchen re-designs or renovation.  Then, I’m there.  But measuring and melting and testing-for-doneness?  Oh, just give me my novel, puh-leeze.
And I have a guest coming for dinner.  No worries, really.  He’s low maintenance and will gladly accept the frozen Stouffer’s lasagna and garlic bread I’m offering, but I can’t really bug off out of here today with all these little to-dos on my list.
I should thank my Dad who is out at the grocery store finding and paying for said dinner and baking projects, and my husband who is handling the kindergarten science fair.  Leaving me plenty of time to whine and complain here at the laptop.  Hmm. Bright side!
My birthday novel Lush Life is calling me.  Perhaps I’ll read it later.
Happy Mother’s Day in Heaven, Mom.

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