The Dream

I never thought I actually had a recurring dream, but you know what?  I do.  I realized it recently when some friends were talking about similar dreams and I remembered that I had been having this dream, in different variations, for a long time. 

It happened again this afternoon, during a delicious nap.  It’s a good dream.  I’m in my  house, which of course, is not my real life house, but in the dream, it’s mine.  

Then for some reason, I start to discover new rooms in the house.  Wonderful rooms, spaces that are everything I’ve ever wanted.  I’m not talking about home design magazine dream spaces with all the accoutrements; just…rooms.  Another living room.  More bedrooms.  A whole other wing that I’d forgotten existed.  Today I found another common space/living room and a bedroom, office and attached bathroom!  And with this discovery comes a slow realization that this is my house and these rooms are exactly  what I need.  It’s an extremely pleasurable dream.

In the dream I’m planning on moving a certain child to this newfound spare bedroom and am delighting in being able to use this wonderful living room with its curved wall.  I tell you, it was great.

Then I slowly awoke to people talking about how our power was off.  What?

Then my daughter asked if I’d had any dreams and I said no, but then immediately remembered this ‘house’ dream and started thinking about its recurring theme in my dreams over the past few years.  I don’t know what to make of it except that I’m always yearning to renovate, and wishing we had another bedroom and bathroom for both our kids, and for our frequent visitors.  And perhaps it’s precisely because we have company on the way that this wish is flitting about my subconscious.

Trying to be grateful for what we do have is hard work!

Drive-by Media

Lots of interest in William Morgan houses, so here are two that are for sale.  Another drive-by photographic moment from your Atlantic Beachlife blogger:

This is his famous Dune House, taken from a moving car, awkwardly grasping iPhone. Of course there was a car behind me so no time to snap a better photo but curious readers could scroll back and see my post about this house of a few months ago.  

If you’re intrigued by the notion of living underground, rent the house!  They just listed it for rent the other day.  This house is actually a duplex.  For lots of wonderful photos of this unique living space go to and start by entering our zip code: 32233 and go from there.  Since it’s oceanfront it’ll be at the higher end of the price point…
Another William Morgan-designed residence also for sale.  This one not for rent; can also be viewed at – same zip code.

Perhaps we’ll be neighbors?  Bring: Beachlife attitude. Flip flops. Checkbook. (Yeah.  They’re expensive.)
Brought to you by your drive-by host, Atlantic Beachlife.

Same Place Different Days (Same Picture Different Apps)

On Wednesday and Thursday mornings for sure, and sometimes, other mornings too, I drive past the place where two towns meet.

Atlantic Boulevard divides them and the Atlantic Ocean is their natural eastern boundary.  Atlantic Beach begins on the north side of the street and Neptune Beach is to the south.  They meet in the middle and share the kernel of community – restaurants and shops – that make up the shared Town Center. Like many drivers, I like to circle the roundabout for my morning view of another day just beginning over the ocean.  There’s talk amongst the citizens and politicians of our two communities about a proposed sculpture that would occupy the focal point within the roundabout.  I love art and would ordinarily support this if the towns’ coffers can afford it and that, of course, opens up another discussion about needs and wants that I’ll leave to them.  I’ll add, however, that I’m not fond of the sculpture over at Atlantic Beach City Hall.  I just don’t…love it.

On to the photos. All taken from the inside of the car:
 iPhone* camera using natural light and no app., one morning last week.

Just this morning, natural light with no enhancements.
This was taken one morning last week, with natural light and no enhancements. The following shots are the same picture, using different apps.

(*all pictures taken using iPhone camera until further notice…)

Obviously it’s been fun using the applications I’ve procured from the App Store which makes my non-camera bearable for use.  But I really long for the macro function, and a bit of a telephoto lens.

I’d love to know a) if you like the images altered by the apps and b) what type of camera you have and do you like it?

A Rainy Day in Atlantic Beach, Florida – or – April Showers Bring May Flowers

A Rainy Day in Atlantic Beach, Florida


April Showers Bring May Flowers
Oh, that sweet phrase reminds me of my mom.  She was born in April, I in May.  Living in Michigan, that phrase really meant something.  But here in Florida, beachlife means flowers all year round.

Enjoyed the rain today.  Nothing leaked, either, which made it even cozier inside.  

Happy April Fool’s Day!